The IWF-NM believes that active participation keeps our connections and spirit alive, and therefore a minimum attendance at four events per year is required.

However, for statewide convenience, we plan a variety of meetings in a number of locations from which to choose.  We have a collection of themes and social events from which to choose, as well as business meetings.

Some gatherings are closed, some include spouses and/or guests, some are small, some large, some fun, some serious — all enriching and enjoyable. We combine a mixture of social and substantive experiences of value and relevance. We enjoy concerts, lectures, debates, performances and presentations made by members or outside experts.

Dinearounds are one of the most popular and stimulating "networking within the network" opportunities, and, as the name implies, involve great food and great conversation around the state.  We share each other's homes, stories, families and lives.

The IWF-NM sponsors noteworthy community service efforts each year designed to offer opportunities to women in need of social, financial, emotional assistance--or all of the above.

The LEAP Program
The International Women's Forum - New Mexico LEAP (Leadership, Empowerment and Advocacy Program) honors non-profit organizations with project funding. New Mexico Women's Summit; People Living Through Cancer; WESST Corp.; The National Museum Of Women In Arts (New Mexico Committee); La Colmena; Keshet, Inc.; Southwest Creations Collaborative; New Mexico Women's Foundation; the New Mexico Teen Pregnancy Coalition; Move The Mountain; Circles; and Creativity for Peace. have received LEAP grants.   read more >

LEAP Helps New Mexico Women:
2002 ::: N M Women's Summit - $1,000 ::: People Living Through Cancer LEAP Grants - $1,000 ::: WESST Corp. LEAP Grants - $1,000
2003 ::: National Museum Of Women In the Arts - $1,800
2004 ::: La Colmena LEAP Grants 2004 - $2,500
2006 ::: Keshet, Inc. LEAP Grants 2006 - $3,000
2007 ::: Southwest Creations Collaborative - $3,000
2008 ::: NM Women's Foundation LEAP Grants 2008 - $3,000
2009 ::: New Mexico Teen Preganancy Coalition - $3,000
2010 ::: Tewa Women United - $3,000
2011 ::: Move The Mountain – $3,500
2012 ::: Circles – $3,000
2013 ::: Circles – $2,500
2014 ::: Creativity for Peace – $2,500
2015 ::: Creativity for Peace – $2,500
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New Mexico Historic Women's Marker Project
A major initiative premiering this year is the Historic Women's Highway Markers, which memorializes "unsung" women.  We are researching the exploits of over 150 deserving recepients. Co-creator Pat French said "Let's help women get their songs out.  Women should not keep their songs in their hearts."  Sixty-four new markers (see list: PDF) will grace highways in every county and Pueblo, as women of courage, vision and fortitude throughout time will take their place in New Mexico history.    read more >

On May 19, 1996, a group of Forum members were walking the wagon ruts of the Old Santa Fe. It was the Forum's first Overnight in Cimarron, NM at the CS Ranch of Forum member Linda Davis. Pat French remarked that seemingly all these historic markers honored men and should we not try to honor women. On November 9, 1996, the Forum had its first Retreat. During a session called, "What Are We Going to Be When We Grow Up" ideas such as a Speakers Network, Annual Recognition Banquet, a Hotel, and a Mentoring Program were put forth and then once again Pat added the idea of plaques honoring women. Bev Duran was President in 1996 and she did not forget.

On July 9, 2005 at the El Dorado during a Quarterly Meeting during the Second International Folk Art Market, Maria Estella del Rios was talking about the various ideas that she had for the Forum. Pat was sitting next to Bev Duran and Alexis Girard and said quietly, "Why not plaques honoring women". Bev turned to Alexis and said, "Let's help her get her song out. Women should not keep a song in their hearts." And so the journey of 'herstory' began.

Pat spoke with Governor Richardson and received his support; meanwhile, while doing research found that out of 500 Historic Roadside Markers in New Mexico, not one honored a woman with the exception of Maria Martinez, the San Ildefonso Potter. This research would provide the proverbial 'smoking gun'. In November, Barbara Richardson put the three in contact with Anne Green Romig of the Office of Cultural Affairs and the idea was no longer plaques but morphed into Historic Markers. Pat then left on her long planned journey to Africa and Bev and Alexis pulled on their boots and prepared to lobby the legislature.

Armed with the research, the flurry of activities commenced, strategy, letterheads, flyers, appointments with legislators and on and on in three weeks!! The hearing before the Legislative Capitol Outlay Committee was scheduled for January 22, 2006. When emails went out to the Forum to come and support this endeavor, Ellen Bradbury said, "Holy Mole" and the project was lovingly christened. Ellen Bradbury, Barbara Beasely Murphy, Carol Robertson Lopez, Judy Espinar, Betty Downes and Vice-President Rebecca Wurtzburger attended.

Carol had arranged a brief meeting in the hallway with Cabinet Secretary Rhonda Faught now a Forum member. Secretary Faught words of encouragement and support are still remembered fondly. She told the group that even if the money was not forthcoming, she would find a way to get this done because the project was way too important to her and the women of New Mexico. Lt. Governor Diane Denish's office became Marker Central headquarters and she too said that if the monies were not available she would support the endeavor the following year.

Cabinet Secretary of Veterans Affairs, John Garcia, gave an hour primer on lobbying, President of the Association of Counties, Benito Martinez, promised support of the County Commissioners and invited us to the meeting of the Council, John Korminak who passed the word around the Legislature and Bev and Alexis must have logged in miles of climbing stairs each day.

A week after the session ended, Paula Tackett, Director of the New Mexico Legislative Council and Forum member called to tell the group that the 47th Legislature funded the New Mexico Historic Women Marker Initiative. On International Women's Day, March 8, 2006, Governor Bill Richardson signed the appropriation of $330,000 for the project.

May 24, 2006, the first meeting of the Selection Committee of the Initiative was held at the home of Pat French and in attendance were Honorary Chair, Barbara Richardson, 2 representatives from Cultural Affairs, 2 from Department of Transportation, 2 from the Association of Counties, the former Governor of Nambe Pueblo, Mary Pena Noskin and Marjorie Miller Engle from the Commission of the Status of Women, and the three from the Forum.

For 4 years 2 months, the project continued its work of identifying historical women who made contributions to their communities. Other key persons joined us such as Forum member Teresa Leger, Legal Counsel, Rosemary Molnar and Karren Sahler, Directors, Researchers, Tom Chavez, Former Director of the Palace of the Governors, and Kim Suina, Cochiti Pueblo Historian and Forum members in various capacities.

On July 15, 2010, the New Mexico Historical Women Marker Initiative officially ended. Sixty-four new Markers honoring women and their stories grace all Counties and Pueblo and Tribal lands that wished to participate. And while the Initiative has officially ended, plans for a book, a Museum Exhibition and a Travelling Exhibition/ Teaching Module for our state's young is in the works. Holy Mole, it's challenging but did we expect anything less from Forum women…..It is our gift to you; it is our gift to the women of New Mexico.
   Pat French, Bev Duran, and Alexis Girard
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In addition, IWF-NM honors the accomplishments of all women in the state, past and present.  We have created several programs to recognize deserving individuals through our Oral History events, Quarterly newsletters, and more.