Creating Unique Experiences by Women for Women

“The learning capabilities within this Forum from incredible programs have been the best joy of my life.” Ruth Frazier, former IWF-NM President

International Women’s Forum – New Mexico provides unique experiences by women for women. Forum members enjoy exclusive programming that educates, empowers, enlightens and entertains, with access to distinctive experiences and insights.

Members-only opportunities to network and learn from each other form the core of IWF-NM programming, which ranges from Dine Arounds at members’ homes to visiting members’ workplaces and communities, as well as regional, national and international conferences and retreats.

Perhaps the most outstanding experience to date was when Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was interviewed by Justice Barbara Vigil, who was serving as Chief Justice of the New Mexico Supreme Court at that time, and the Honorable M. Christina Armijo, who was then Chief Judge of the U.S. District Court of New Mexico.

“The opportunity to sit right across the bench from the justice who is, I think, for all of us one of the most thoughtful, brilliant jurists of our time, who has had an incredible effect on the rights of women and jurisprudence in our country, is something that we will all cherish and remember.” Diane Harrison Ogawa, former IWF-NM President

← IWF member and US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg enjoys her new necklace, a gift from the IWF-NM members when she shared her thoughts in the NM Supreme Court courtroom. Photo by Betty Downes

Members collaborated to organize three international events, and sometimes join forces to create non-Forum events that serve their communities.

How We Serve

IWF-NM is committed to moving women into leadership roles, whether that is seeing more women on corporate boards or lifting up younger women of every race and culture. We support the emerging leaders of tomorrow who will achieve breakthroughs that cannot yet be imagined.

The Leadership, Empowerment and Advocacy Program (LEAP) has become an important avenue for supporting young women. When it was initiated in 2002 its focus was providing grants to nonprofit organizations. In 2018, LEAP’s primary role as a grant-making program expanded to one in which members use their skills, connections and resources to deeply invest in an organization and help build capacity, with a focus on creating pathways for young women to succeed.

New Mexico Historic Women Marker Initiative is IWF-NM’s groundbreaking initiative, correcting a 70-year omission of women from New Mexico’s Scenic Historic Markers project. Pat French formulated the idea of honoring women’s contributions to New Mexico’s history and culture with highway markers in 1996. In 2005, Forum members embraced the project and committed time and energy to obtaining legislative approval and funding. Since the Initiative’s launch in 2006, nearly 100 markers have been installed, celebrating the unsung women in each of New Mexico’s 33 counties and Pueblo and Tribal lands.

A happy dedication at the Taos Pueblo with tribal and religious leaders. Visitors were invited for a meal afterwards to honor Virginia T. Romero. Photo by Nancy Bartlit

Learn more about IWF-NM’s networking opportunities and programming here.

COVID-19 Update

Like all organizations, we have had to adapt to the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic by going virtual with our networking. We look forward to the time when the activities featured here can resume. Watch this space for updates. In the meantime, members can access oral histories, join Zoom events and find announcements of upcoming virtual events on the members page.